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The Crew
Captain: Terry Claus Jr.
1st Mate: Trey Claus
2nd Mate: Janene Claus
About the Crew
Captain Terry Claus Jr.
Terry Claus Jr.
Captain Terry Claus has been a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain since 1980.

Terry's fishing experience began in Galveston, Texas in the early 70's. He began charter fishing in Miami in 1980 while attending the University of Miami, earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Terry's knowledge and true passion for fishing and boating provide an enjoyable experience for his clients and guests from all over the world.

Terry's captaining and fishing experience include South Florida, the Florida Keys, Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico.
We were taking a customer to capture his first sailfish which he had been unsuccessful at achieving 12 times before, but not with us. We stayed on the water until after the sunset before hooking up to a sail. Needless to say he was very grateful and wrote us a letter of thanks which included this Hemingway quote:

But there is great pleasure in being on the sea,
in the unknown wild suddenness of a great fish;
in his life and death which he lives for you
in an hour while your strength is harnessed to his;
and there is satisfaction in conquering this thing which rules the sea it lives in.
Ernest Hemingway
On the Blue Water: A Gulf Stream Letter
Esquire, April 1936

Trey Claus
Trey Claus
As you can see by my photos, I have been fishing since I was old enough to hold a rod.

I have won numerous awards for top angler and top junior angler.
I have been professionally mating since I was fourteen years old.

In addition to mating, I am currently working on obtaining my USCG Captain's license and also attending Miami-Dade College.

Janene Claus
Janene Claus
Fishing in Florida and Bahamian waters since 1984 have been a rewarding adventure.

The many "Top Lady Angler" awards I have received have always been just icing on the cake, for me.

Through all the fishy smells, foul weather days, 4am departures, late night hook up's, and tormenting harassment I've receive because "I fish like a girl", I treasure every moment I experience on the water and feel blessed to have the opportunity.