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Sea burial services available. www.restatsea.com


Why exactly do you want a private yacht charter? Some people want to take a sightseeing cruise while on vacation and of course many people want to experience the thrills of deep sea fishing. Others merely want to experience a cruise in an opulent yacht and a still others need a ship to carry out a burial at sea. Most charter vessels are set up for fishing, as this is far and away the most common reason people charter boats. Many boats configured for south Florida fishing charters are not going to be appropriate for other uses, although some boats, such as the Qualifier, can do both. After all, the Qualifier is a great fishing vessel. It is a 52' Viking stocked full of the best fishing equipment available. It also boasts 15 square feet of cockpit fishing space, a full tuna tower, a huge below deck fish box and a 200 gallon well for live bait. Of course, there are also state of the art electronics for finding fish and navigating the seas. It is no wonder that the Qualifier has won or placed in several major deep sea fishing tournaments. The Qualifier is also as elegant as any private yacht charter available. Aboard you will find a 42" plasma screen television with satellite television, a Bose sound system, an XM satellite radio system and even high speed cellular Internet! This is the perfect environment for cruising the seas in style. The Qualifier is really ready for almost anything.

South Florida fishing charters

The Qualifier is available for south Florida fishing charters from a variety of ports. Miami, Key West and Fort Lauderdale are a few of the common points of departure for the Qualifier. The crew are all experienced fishermen, especially second mate Janene Claus, holder of numerous "Top Lady Angler" trophies. The Qualifier is also available to fish in the Bahamas.